Airship P-791 Firefighter

Lockheed Matrin P-791 Airship in California Department of Fire Camouflage. The baloon object is under the Hyper NURBS object. Engines fuel suply objects are generated. All other objects are polygonal. Baloon texture is 4800 px and Fuselage texture is 2400 px wide. Simple environment map is bundled.

Keywords: airship, aerostat, aircraft, hovercraft, gasbag, propeller, Lockheed, Martin, P791, P-791, firefighter, fire-fighter, fire


C4D R11 (10.3 MB)

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Product specifications

  • Format:CINEMA 4D R11
  • Geometry:Polygons + HyperNURBS
  • Polygons:61000
  • Animation:No
  • Jointed:No
  • Materials:Yes
  • Textures:Yes

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