Dirty Wall Shader_Catalog

[ 61 Bitmap and Procedural Based Shader ]
61 Color map
61 Diffusion map
61 Bump map
61 Displacement map
Seamless 4096*4096 tif images and c4d files (R15 and R11)
Map is tileable on X
Map can be layered with procedural effects
Map can be used with any Soft supporting Displacement Map

Rendered in 600*600

Contact me if you want to buy one
2 euros each one

Keywords: Architecture, Wall, Concrete, Cement, Dirt, Dirty


C4D R15 (13.9 MB)

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Product specifications

  • Format:CINEMA 4D R15
  • Textures:Yes
  • Shaders:Yes
  • Tiling:yes, X only
  • Material channels:Color

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Thank you, Very good.
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