Modeling a "classic" soccer ball in Cinema 4D

This tutorial shows the modeling of a "classic" soccer ball.

As this download contains a split archive, please make sure you download both files ("" and "") and extract them to the same folder on your harddrive.

The extracted files are "" as well as "soccer_ball_tutorial.z01". Right-click on "" and extract to a folder of your choice on your harddrive.


Wolfgang Rode
a.k.a. contrafibbularities
a.k.a. brainstew

Keywords: soccer, ball, beginner, soccer ball, modeling, HN, HyperNurbs


AVI / Camtasia (71.1 MB)

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  • Movie format:AVI / Camtasia
  • Time:00:20:49
  • Audio:English
  • Subtitles:n/a
  • Application language:English

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