SciFi Blast Door Part 1: The Outer Frame

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This is part one of a tutorial for beginners on how to model hard surface details with subdivisions (HyperNurbs) in Cinema 4D and covers the modeling of the outer frame of a scifi-style blast door. The blast door was inspired by a model by Mohamed Rotab.

Topics covered in the tutorial:
- modeling the basic shape
- preparing the geometry for adding details
- modeling the details into the geometry of the outer frame
- building a clean mesh

- Cinema 4D R14 or R13 (Prime to Studio). Some functions and tools shown in the videos may not be available in versions prior to R13.
- Two free plugins: Kyama Slide ( and Selections Suppletives (
- a basic knowledge of Cinema 4D

Required plugins / modules: Free Plugins "Kyama Slide" and "Selections Suppletives"

Keywords: hard surface, modeling, HN, HyperNurbs, subdivisions, scifi, high-poly, beginner, intermediate, r14, r13


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