Atom(Robot 3d model) from "REAL STEEL MOVIE"

This is a high poly 3D model of a robot called Atom, the original idea was inspired from the movie REAL STEEL, if any one is interested to make use of this model, feel free to download it and use it for your own animation, let your imagination fly!!!!

Available formats : .C4d, .obj, .dae and .3ds

Keywords: High poly, robotics, Real Steel, robot, high quality, c4d, obj, dae, high, render, cinema, 4d, lighting, texture, 3ds max, atom, Hugh jackman


C4D R11.5 (84.9 MB)

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Product specifications

  • Format:CINEMA 4D R11.5
  • Geometry:Polygons
  • Polygons:815989
  • Animation:No
  • Jointed:Yes
  • Materials:Yes
  • Textures:No

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